"It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters" ~ Epictetus ~ How we feel really is determined by how we think.  We always have a choice to feel happy or sad, positive or negative and it is a decision we make independent of circumstance. Sad and bad things happen … Continue reading


So .... I have just found out that March 20th 2017 is International Happiness Day!!  And I'm excited!  I'm excited that it exists and I'm excited for such a wonderfully positive day to look forward to and to see how I may be able to contribute to it - apart from being HAPPY of course!  Watch … Continue reading Happiness


"Get excellent at manifestation" ...the wonderful words of wisdom from my dearest friend! Indeed her new years resolution! And one for me too!! Manifestation is the key. We can all have what we want if we just focus enough to manifest it. Doesn't mean that it will happen instantly or even when we expect  - … Continue reading Manifestation