The six nine perspective " Just because you are right, does not mean, I am wrong. You just haven't seen life from my side." ~unknown~ I simply couldn't agree with this more!  So often we are convinced that we are right and everyone else is wrong - or people tell us that we are wrong with a convincing … Continue reading


Hi... So the day has finally come that I will be going into hospital to welcome our little girl to the world! So all being well by tomorrow night we should be a bigger family.. I'm just warning you as I imagine that I won't be updating or adding posts for a little while..or maybe … Continue reading Baby

Overuse of the word ‘Wrong’ ..and ‘No’ for that matter!

I really feel that there are way too many negative words used, which ultimately doesn't gain the desired effect anyway...particularly in parenting. I for one from first hand experience can demonstrate how the overuse of the term 'wrong' or 'no' from a father who means all the good in the world has had the reverse … Continue reading Overuse of the word ‘Wrong’ ..and ‘No’ for that matter!