So .... I have just found out that March 20th 2017 is International Happiness Day!!  And I'm excited!  I'm excited that it exists and I'm excited for such a wonderfully positive day to look forward to and to see how I may be able to contribute to it - apart from being HAPPY of course!  Watch … Continue reading Happiness

The Book!

Update! So I've signed the contract and we've hit the start button... The publishing is underway Hip hip hooray!! I'm so excited.. What can I say? Mission accomplished! But not yet complete Whatever.... It's pretty neat. A few months now, And the book should be out Don't worry.. I'll give you a shout! Let's hope … Continue reading The Book!


Thanks for the likes people 🙂 we are now one up from the previous post! 😉 Having looked at some of you (so far) who have liked it, I see that you are also involved in writing .. So the next post I do will be a little about my book! Have a lovely Saturday!