We all need a little inspiration from time to time… most of us daily! The world we live in becomes more and more complicated as each day passes. Often we get so caught up in how we’re going to manage this, that, the other, or how on earth we’ll ever achieve what we feel we need to, that we forget to enjoy and benefit from the moment. In actual fact, it is feeling good in the moment that will equip us with the tools to conquer the multitude of tasks or goals that lie ahead, so it really is important to take the time to breathe and ground ourselves in the present and to savour it. We must do our utmost to raise our spirits and to focus on the good and the positives in life in order to keep our frequency at the right level to cope with and enjoy all that is to come.

Easier said than done – you may say, well that’s absolutely right! That’s why we have to make a conscious effort to keep reminding ourselves of this and also use whatever we can to help make it happen. Personally, I find uplifting quotes from wise figures known or unknown, an incredibly powerful way to centre myself and keep me on track with positive thinking. And that is why I like to collect what I call ‘quotes to live by’ …I will share what I feel to be the most powerful ones on here in the hope that you may benefit from them as much as I do!