Children’s Books

Having watched my son go through nursery and start reception at ‘big school’ I have learnt so much about children’s behaviour – often innocent though at times less so.  I felt a strong need to try to educate more kindness and encourage a greater love towards each other in an easily digestible, understandable way ….and so I created two characters and a range of stories to help do this!

Henry & Henrietta Heartbeat


There are two aims of the books:

a) to provide a nice simple children’s series such as a new Peppa Pig, Mr Men, etc. that they can enjoy, concentrating particularly on positivity, good behaviour and kindness whilst still being fun, colourful and appealing to young children.

b) a mascot for anti bullying.  There is such a bullying epidemic (cyber and physical) that something needs to be done. There are various causes and campaigns (high profile ones and more commercial ones) but no real mascot to associate to it.  I wanted these two characters in some form or another to become mascots that lead the way from the youngest age group to educate kindness in an array of everyday situations that children find themselves in.

All the campaigns around are great – but I strongly believe we need to start addressing and educating kindness at the youngest possible age, in a relatable and fun way, in order to stop problems further on.  It should then continue thereafter so as to eventually stamp out the negativity and meanness growing amongst children today.

The idea is to address the problem from the root, by instilling positivity and niceness from the earliest age so it becomes a way of life and then continue as the children grow.  My stories grow and adapt gradually along with the age group, with the consistent message of how to behave well with each other, with inclusion, love and care, that in turn makes us all happier and the world a nicer place to live in. Children need to know how to act in a caring way towards each other … this is what I demonstrate in the stories – simple, in rhyme, with vibrant bright characters so they are fun and engaging.  It’s a mission to try to eliminate negative behaviour patterns before they begin, by demonstrating that if we are kind to each other we are all happier.

So far I’m thrilled with the results especially that the age 6 children loved it too as this first book was aimed at a younger group – although it simply is the introduction to the character.  If this is anything to go by though, the rest should be equally enjoyed!  I think children need this help. My sons Key Stage One teachers and the teachers at my daughter’s nursery said all the children got the message through the book without any other explanation and were excited and happy as a result.

I’m hoping to get the word/book around enough to catch the right attention as I would love the subsequent books in the series to be published soon, in order to keep up the momentum and tie in with an ‘it’s cool to be kind’ campaign.

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