book-1760998__340I love reading!  I never used to growing up – except of course whatever the latest celebrity gossip was or magazine chit chat that I found myself absorbed in – but as time passed I learnt the joy of reading for a multitude of reasons. I have gained so much from certain books and many have in fact changed my life.  I continue to source them constantly as a means of inspiration, escape and self development.

I’d like to say that I’m a writer myself but that almost feels a bit intense, a bit surreal – although in reality I am.  Diaries are what i like writing most, dialogues with myself, it’s safe that way and is what i’ve done for many years.  It calms my mind, slows it down and I guess creates some order of the chaos that life creates in there. Or at least it feels like it does so that’s good enough!

I’ve sort of stopped the obsession now (as much as I can). Stopped documenting ‘every single tiny thing’ from the realisation that it can be become quite insular and there is a benefit to talking, discussing and sharing as opposed to managing it all myself.  Although at times I still need to.

I also write articles and indeed books!

My first book Full Circle, tells my story, the story of the twenty odd (+) years of diarised chaos that was my life, searching for serenity, peace, survival and of course the pursuit of true love.  The book was published by Pegasus in January 2016 and is out there for you to buy.  It’s a combination of narrative, original diary experts and many words of wisdom that I’ve collected along the way… so you’ll be able to share in the journey, relate, learn from my mistakes and insights and enjoy where it takes you!