keep calm and carry on

People are always asking my advice on things, work…life…relationships…everything!  I sometimes wonder why as most have lived through all my personal ups and downs with me, so know that i’ve been far from perfect in my own decision making at times – but I guess experience is key and most importantly, I’ve got there in the end.  Also it’s often far easier to see the clear picture and best strategy from the outside than it is from within, so I guess that’s the benefit of me not being ‘involved’.  It seems to work! And people keep coming back for more… not least suggesting that I should be an Agony Aunt…so I thought why not try it? I love to help – so please if you feel like asking anything, give it a shot, …fire away!  My response may help, it may not, but you’ll have voiced it and as the saying goes;

“A problem shared is a problem halved.”

You can contact me via the below contact form or directly on:

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