About Me

could be it

This is me!  Natalie… I’m currently a married mother of two little darlings living in South West London – continually observing and contemplating life!  Not in the heavy sense… but in the curious sense… Always wanting to better things for myself and for my family and to pass on whatever seems to work for me!  I live each day as it comes with an eye on future goals and my mind on the minute!  As much as I can…

It’s so tempting to drift off into what may be, could be, will be… but my mission is to enjoy those prospects whilst keeping grounded in the present so moments don’t pass me by.

I try to always focus on the good, I don’t judge and I try to promote kindness as much as I can.  I’m far from perfect and like most am my own worst critic – but whilst I know there’s always room for improvement, I try to accept that every element of ourselves both good and bad, contribute to who we actually are, make us unique and lead us to who we are to become.  Life is a process, a learning curve and an adventure. We are not meant to get it right first time – we are meant to experiment, succeed, fail, get lost and find our way again … and that is the beauty of it… most importantly we are to enjoy it for what it is, in it’s entirety.

I love to write and I have done since I can remember.  Diaries, journals, letters (sent and never sent), poems … all sorts but not fiction.. I don’t invent much.. neither do I in life.  I like reality, understanding it and living it and that is what I write about ..

I have some articles, my blog, guest blogs and of course my book Full Circle which documents my life, it’s journey and all the lessons I learnt to get me where I am today… And there’s more to come!

I hope you enjoy what you find – please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you wish to ask, tell, discuss … anything whatsoever!