School Sports Day!

Well… first of all a huge apology for not having written for so long – but I have been snowed with a home renovation, likely to keep me busy for the rest of the year and possibly a little into the next one, so for now I’ll be taking a little hiatus from blogging.

My mind and time has been fully occupied with home improvement ideas, visions, decisions and plans whilst my online activity, apart from the odd Instagram post, is largely based around  Pinterest or searching for furniture, carpets, kitchens and all else related to basically totally overhauling your home!

There’s one thing however, that really did make get my attention and make me think I must jump on here – not only to finally advise why I will be off air for a while but also to share a story from my sons first sports day at big school.

Sports Day!

It was a big affair all round.  A total of around 3 hours of races, interspersed with water breaks and handouts of apple and orange slices.  On the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures reaching a scorching 32 degrees, the little poppets all did amazingly well!  The fields were surrounded by immensely proud parents, albeit rather hot and sweaty!

Mainly focused on my sons reception class, little ones of just 5 years old, I was absolutely amazed at how well they handled all these seemingly serious races;  150 m, long jump, obstacle course, hurdles, egg and spoon and the rest… They were all incredible – without exception.

What I really noticed though and what I brought home with me as a wonderfully encouraging observation was that no one, not one single child gave up.  Whether they fell, stumbled, got confused, did it wrong or just burst into tears, they all – every single one of them got up, carried on and didn’t stop until they’d passed the finish line. Some in tears, some hobbling but they all, ALL made it to the end.

I was so touched by their stamina, courageousness and determination not to give up and incredibly thankful to the school for having really got that ‘Never Give Up’ message across so well.

Talking to my son walking home in the still blazing sunshine – both exhausted, I said to him:

“William you know what I loved best about sports day – apart from how totally brilliant and amazing you were?” …..

“Just how strong every one was when they fell, or tripped or got upset – everyone absolutely everyone got up and carried on to the end! And that’s an amazing quality to have in life!”

“Yes Mummy!” He said… “Because if you stumble or fall or make a mistake you must always just keep on going and Never Give Up!”

Thats absolutely right William…. An inspiration to us all.

Who says you can’t learn anything from children!?


And I’m afraid that’s going to be it from me for a while now! I’ll be back no soon as my time has been freed from the renovations… but what better note to leave it on…




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