‘M’ is for Meaning


‘M’ is for Meaning

So we need meaning in our lives.  Meaning gives purpose and stops us sat wondering into the abyss of ‘what’s the point!’ … a certain road to discontent.

The thing with meaning is that as our lives progress the meaning we assign to it can change.  The key is to identify each step of the way, as we transit through the various phases of life, what our ‘meaning is’.. It could be your job, your faith, your family/children, your hobby… whatever it is, make sure that you can identify it.

There are numerous possibilities and I believe they can easily be interchangeable – but all involve being a part of something bigger than oneself.

Having a meaning to our lives is scientifically proven to make us happier and healthier.  It relates to the significance of living and of life in general.  We all have meaning and life has meaning, it is just sometimes not so easy to pin point and this can cause frustration.  The aim is to locate and identify a meaning for your own life, keep it in mind and nurture it.  A popular belief amongst people is that we are here to help others (in some way or form) – that is the meaning in their life, one that I personally adhere to.

One thing that is certain is that ‘Meaning’ in ones life is very individual.  The question ‘Why are we here?’  is one that can be answered in a multitude of ways, each very personal to the individual responding and no single answer is ever right or wrong.

So whether it comes to you by chance or by profound reflection, define your meaning and keep it in focus.  Ask yourself what is most important to you: is it your job? your family? your faith? Whatever the answer is, embrace it and hold it at the forefront of your mind.  This will help you to understand yourself better, feel confident, self-assured and significant (not that you shouldn’t anyway – but hopefully you know what I mean)- and most importantly it will veer you towards like minded people, cementing the meaning in your life and enhancing happiness.

For a more in-depth description on this topic – please read: Finding meaning in Life



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