‘R’ is for Resilience


‘R’ is for Resilience.

It’s not what happens to us in life – it’s how we deal with it!

It’s all too easy to feel all hard done by and get all down on ourselves when things don’t go our way.  Worse still when there’s a tragedy or any form of unpleasant or unwanted occurrence.  Of course we are allowed to grieve, feel sad and contemplate but the important thing is to keep it under control.  Resilience is all about bouncing back!!

Whilst I’m not saying we need to be in a constant state of Brady Bunch happiness, it is important to retrieve the positive thread when we have dedicated enough time to feelings of sorrow, defeat, sadness or any other negative emotion.  Feel it, understand it, digest it … and then move on!  Pick yourself up and carry on.

Positivity is key in life to give us the strength to cope when life throws unpleasantries and tricky challenges at us.  Coping strategies such us looking at the glass as half full, focusing on what we have, the good in our lives and reminding ourselves that we have gotten over things before are just a few of many ways to bounce back.  Rise every time you fall.  Bend don’t break.  You know you can do it – so dust yourself off, fish out the positive thoughts and focus on those.  Don’t doubt yourself.  Even if you’re not feeling confident in regaining control and bouncing back,  don’t worry – like we said before, life is a journey and a continuous learning process and all these skills can be learnt.


Life is a combination of good and bad, it’s right and necessary to experience a variety of emotions some more welcome than others. The key is to accept, understand, learn and continue…!



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