For those of you that know me, I’ve had a bit of a tough week – with my back having given way, making every tiny thing I’ve had to do that bit harder! It has not been easy.  It’s funny how they say everything happens for a reason though… I mean, I don’t think I deserved this at all.. but it has definitely had an impact – and not solely in the pain sense.  Perhaps I needed to slow down.. perhaps I needed to be a little more appreciative for what I have, perhaps I needed to re-think my health and fitness levels.  I don’t know … but I have done all of these things. I have slowed down (had no choice), contemplated how it must be for those that do have walking difficulties or are suffering with the ailments of old age, made me realise how hard it can be and more appreciative.  I have also realised that life and wellbeing is so precious that we really do need to look after ourselves the best we can.  We are not getting any younger and care should always be taken to maintain optimum health and wellbeing.

I love writing in rhyme, poems and suchlike and sometimes with the more reflective thoughts that come to me, I prefer to write in that form.. so here we go:

A poem about life…

I did my back in the other day
Such a pain I have to say
Literally debilitating that I could hardly move
And I can’t deny it didn’t effect my mood

We take so much for granted these days
The air we breathe the sun and its’ rays..
We rise each day and get on with our chores
Barely thankful for all we afford

We walk and talk and laugh and sing
Chat and giggle, give someone a ring
When something goes wrong, disrupts our path
Suddenly the last thing we want to do is laugh

As I stumbled on the floor and my back gave way
I realised I should be appreciative for each day
Thankful for my body, thankful for my brain
Thankful for the wind, the sun and the rain

Walking with difficulty taught me a thing or two
That we just can’t take for granted all that we do
Things can change in a second and everything’s different
Each step a little harder and less magnificent

So please count your blessings, treat yourself with respect
Don’t take for granted or act with neglect
Life is precious and should be treated as such
So we can live wholeheartedly and enjoy it as much!



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