‘T’ is for Trying Out


‘T’is for Trying Out!

Next on the list is Trying Out! So my take on this is that often we are simply too scared to try out! To actually get up and try something new.  In fact just today I put a quote on Instagram (Try) that I felt resonated with how so many of us feel about trying out new things. 
“Oh, I can’t do it…” “I don’t know how…” “Not going to waste my time…” “I’m not good enough…” Well it’s all rubbish.  Because one thing’s for sure… You never know until you try!
It’s funny because this is just another of those many things that changes in us as we grow older.  When you look at children trying new things, they are excited, keen, anxious to get it right and to learn something. (I’ve always believed there is so much we can learn from children).  I see it with my own child, when he comes back from school and has learnt something new, he’s beside himself with excitement and joy to tell or show me exactly what it is he can now do!

As we grow up we can often fall into situations of self doubt (see note below) where we feel we’re just not good enough to do something or what’s the point anyway?

Whereas actually, we can never stop learning and learning is good for us.    There is a wealth of information out there, hobbies, interests, studies, past times, challenges … it’s limitless. Knowledge is infinite.  There’s an abundance of opportunity to try new things which open our minds, increases our sense of self worth and the subsequent accomplishment creates an elevated sense of wellbeing.  We simply feel good!

Trying something new can stop us falling into common ruts – of course, it takes some confidence to do, to try  – but actually doing it, let alone succeeding helps boost self esteem and thus confidence immensely.  This increased, new found personal appreciation for yourself  in turn raises feelings of self worth and hence Happiness. 

I’m not saying you have to take up sky diving – but try  a new hobby, golf, tennis, try learning a new language if you have time or even just a new route to the shops or the fitness class you’ve been recommended. You’ll be amazed at the good feelings generated once you try. 
NB:  On the topic of self-worth … do take a look at this wonderful campaign run by L’Oreal and the Princess Trust to encourage self worth: All Worth It

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