‘D’ is for Direction

Now I’ve covered the ‘outside’ keys to happier living, those relating to physical actions we can take, activities we can incorporate into our daily life, to make for a happier existence:

Giving: offering help in any way

Relating: engaging with others

Exercise: keeping fit and healthy

Awareness: noticing the beauty around us

Trying out: trying something new

I’m going to move on the ‘inside’ keys to happier living.  The things that we can focus on internally to help us live more happily.  So to begin with we have…


‘D’ is for Direction.

Now we all need some direction in our lives, or we risk feeling as though we are in limbo… floating around in the abyss with nowhere to go and nothing to do! No goals, no plans = No good!

However big or small – we all need goals! It could be anything,  getting a promotion, learning to cook, making more friends… whatever they may be, doesn’t matter but we do need to have goals to work towards.  They should be enticing enough to make us want to achieve them but realistic enough to enable it to happen.  We need to feel good about the future, see it as bright, as better, as exciting!

The important thing here is not to set yourself something so tough that you’re not going to achieve it and will simply end up feeling bad about yourself, that defeats the entire object and is not the idea.  Set yourself something manageable.

Working towards these ‘manageable’ goals will generate increased enthusiasm in life to achieve them and will ultimately demonstrate how we can turn our ideas and dreams into reality.  Working towards goals steadily, keeps us busy, creates focus and maintains a healthy mind, not to mention the development of new interests and pleasures, all of which contribute to a happier existence.  Goals add meaning to our life.  It’s not only about the end result either, it’s about the journey, the mission we put ourselves on to achieve these goals is as important as the end result.  Then the eventual accomplishment elevates our feelings of self worth – so we are feeling even better about ourselves.  And as we know…feeling good about ourselves brings happiness. So set yourself a goal, make a plan and get started!



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