‘A’ is for awareness

A’ is for awareness.
Being aware of what’s around us really can change our lives or at least at a bare minimum improve our quality of life and our well being.
Very often these days we are so consumed by our thoughts, concerns and our busy lives that we become almost oblivious to  what’s going on in the external world.  And I don’t mean what other people are doing – I mean the beauty that surrounds us, the life that evolves and the many wonders of nature that we are blessed with. Being more aware, receptive and alert to the wonders of creation and the beauty of the world we live in can be incredibly beneficial. A greater acknowledgement and understanding of the miracles of life can make us feel vastly more appreciative of our own lives.
It is an age old fact  and is scientifically proven that feeling grateful and thankful improves our wellbeing and generates more similar feelings of appreciation, in turn simply making us happier! If we remain too self absorbed and lost in our own minds we are  isolating ourselves and that is not how we are meant to live. We are part of the world, part of a community and a much bigger picture. The more involved we get with it, acknowledge the importance of it and participate, the greater the benefit. Being observant and noticing the world outside of ourselves actually puts our internal world into perspective and lends itself to a far happier existence.

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