‘E’ is for Exercise

As some of you know.. The present moment is increasingly busy for me, trying to juggle my youngest starting nursery (always harder than it seems), manage a house renovation and keep on top of all the day-to-day jobs, which don’t just disappear when we have to take more on!  Anyway – I did say that with the run up to IDH International Day of Happiness (March 20th) for those of you that weren’t aware, I would write a few words on each of their Ten Keys to Happier Living… so here we go with number 3.


E is for Exercise. Now clearly anyone that knows me, knows well that I am no gym bunny, sports fanatic and definitely no exercise lover… but that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the benefits of exercise and it doesnt mean that I have never felt them. I have.  And in my own little way, I do exercise at home ..not forgetting that I am constantly active with two little kids to run after! This is all keeping active, which in turn is exercise.  As a child I excersized a lot, the benefits of which, I believe have stuck with me today, to a point.   Whenever I get the chance now, I do a quick, small but carefully thought out exercise routine at home, for me at the moment this is what works best.  When I have more free time I will definitely step it up a notch!

We all know that exercise is medically good for us.  It keeps us in shape, alert, upbeat, generally feeling more alive and most importantly healthy.  Exercise boosts our immune system incredibly and keeps our bodies working to their full potential thus fighting of sickness and avoiding certain disease or illness.   Our body and minds are inescapably connected so healthy body, healthy mind really do go hand in hand and neither can work to their optimum capacity without the other.   The simple scientific fact that exercise releases endorphins which interact with our brains and make us happy, is a good enough reason to take it up if you want to feel in better spirits.  Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body not dissimilar to that of the drug Morphine.  But like I say, it doesn’t mean you have to block out half your day to work up a sweat at the gym, it could simply mean doing the school run on foot, instead of driving, walking to the shops instead of taking the car or bus…maybe just going for a walk to clear your mind – or like me – work out a few exercises you believe could be beneficial to you and set aside a little time at home to do them!  You will definitely feel better!

From a medical point of view, take a look at the link below for what the NHS says on the matter.  The benefits are incredible and seriously worth reminding yourself of:

The Benefits of Exercise


Be Active – Relax – Rest …Repeat Daily!


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