‘R’ is for Relating


So – the next letter on the ten keys to happier living is relating.  It is so important to relate to people and something that we seem to do less and less with the all consuming intervention of technology…picking up the phone seems to be a dying trend….not good!

Nurture your relationships! And create new ones! 

Our happiness is largely dependent on our relationships with those around us, our chosen partner, family, friends, colleagues…everyone …. even the person in the street.  How much happier do you feel when you smile at someone in passing and they smile back? Compare that to blanking everyone, just marching on your way – with everyone around you doing the same… not so nice!  Lonely…

It’s not difficult to nurture relationships, to give a little more attention, to become a little more involved to help them grow and improve.  Every flower needs watering or it wilts, life is the same and life is made up of relationships, all of which need watering… So next time you have your phone at the ready to text that friend or message your mum, why not go ‘old school’ and pick up the phone!  Give them a call, even if it’s just for five minutes, have a chat, listen, relate, respond.  And when you are out and about, perhaps allow yourself a couple of extra minutes to engage in a little conversation at the grocery store, or at a minimum a ‘hello’ or perhaps even a ‘how are you?’ ..  you’ll be surprised how good it makes you feel.  All these little things, calls, smiles, hello’s whatever exchanges they may be, however little – raise our awareness, make us feel more alive and in touch which in turn create a greater sense of belonging, self worth and ultimately happiness.

It is in fact proven that people with good strong relationships, live longer and are happier, so it really is worth putting in the tiny bit of leg work necessary to maintain and seek to improve those that we have! And of course make new ones…

Summing up in a couple of points how I manage and nurture relationships and relate to people in the hope of encouraging love, support whilst maintaining a good positive connection,  I’d say:

Do:  Put yourself in others shoes to the best of your ability.

Don’t: Judge


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