The Female Lead

What a wonderful campaign!  For those of you that haven’t heard of this cause before please do take a look into it… The Female Lead

Now before you make any rash judgement, I know there is a lot of ‘pro female’ chit chat about lately – but this is no feminist organisation or anything anti men at all!!! It is purely a campaign to encourage women to follow their dreams, inspire and motivate them to achieve and help build confidence for them to believe that they can do it!  There are many wonderful female role models involved as evidence of what we can become regardless of background.  It is simply brilliant!



Last night I was fortunate enough to have been invited to the Launch party, which was a simply marvellous event, utterly inspiring and equally fun.  It took place at the very lavish One Marylebone Road and was held in corporation with founding partner Investec.


The evening was buzzing with an array of incredibly influential, well respected, female role models, guests, speakers and plenty of fizz and delicious nibbles to make the evening a remarkable night to remember.  A cause close to my heart, (well that of encouraging women and girls to pursue their dreams …. something I’ve been talking and writing about for some time now), I made sure I had a good think about my feelings on the campaign before I set off last night and this is what I came up with:

We are very lucky in this day and age to be surrounded by many amazing female role models.  I have my own – and worldwide, the list is endless..Meryl Streep, Michele Obama, Maya Angelou to name but a few.  It is truly wonderful to have these powerful women provide such clear evidence of just how much we can achieve!   At the same time though, it is saddening how many girls and women underestimate themselves and their potential, feeling that they simply can’t do it. Which is rubbish! The world today does not help though… being as competitive as it is and with the added pressure of social media often projecting doctored, false images of people and their lifestyles – many girls are led to feel inadequate and unable.  Whether aspiring to be an astronaut, the president, run their own business empire or simply to be a happy wife or mum, these modern day struggles can interfere profoundly, often stopping us to achieve what we want.
Worse still, there is a lot of isolation among women and girls – too much, feelings of aloneness in their troubles, battles, anxieties and not nearly enough sharing. Sharing our inner trauma can often dramatically diminish the stress related to it, create a clearer perspective and we can resume a more positive attitude and regain a sense of control.  As many of you know – this is exactly why I wrote my book Full Circle, to show through my own original diary entries and experience from the age of 13 until today, together with the wisdom of hindsight, how we all go through similar issues and how we can get through them.
So the bottom line is, whether it’s the astronaut, the business empire or the happy mum you wish to be, you have to manage the inner obstacles before you can tackle the outside ones! And then…. the world is your oyster!
If you get a chance to get a hold of this book – do!  It’s amazing – a collection of wonderfully inspirational women showing how women shape the world!

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