‘G’ is for Giving

unknown-10Hello Everybody!  …and happy Friday!  I told myself that with the run up to National Happiness Day  (March 20th), between now and then,  I would write a short post giving my view on each of the 10 keys to a happier living.  So the first on the list is Giving.

abc-1663392__340Where many of us assume that it is receiving that will make us happy – actually giving makes us equally happy, if not more so.  The act of giving offers a sense of kindness which in turn creates appreciation, nurturing relationships of all kinds – good vibes if you know what I mean!  It doesnt always have to be physical things – though if someone has a greater need than you,  why not give materially (within reason and means of course!).  In simple terms – giving time to someone, lending an ear, a hand to help, a gift, donating to charity, or whatever it may be, does in fact make you feel good and helps make the world a happier, more caring place. In the wise words of Churchill:

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

When we give we are demonstrating exclusively, positive actions which create positive feelings and make us feel happier. There are indeed many studies showing that people who ‘give’ are happier than those that don’t.  Also in the dynamic of the universe when we give we simply attract more good things to ourselves… ‘The more you give – the more you get’ – didn’t come from nowhere… and in fact has far more profound implications than we realise, but that’s a story for another time!

Many of us, lucky enough to be in more privileged positions than many, realise the importance of giving to create more meaning in our own lives, as well as improving the quality of others.  One chap I once knew told me how one of the first lessons he learnt on his travels was not to get attached to material belongings – because ultimately it is not those that add real value to your life or bring you happiness and they could be gone at any moment. I believe that.  In this case we could refer it to money or other material items… a charity donation, local fundraiser, whatever…if you can – Do! It will make you feel good.  But like I say it’s not all about money, any small act of kindness is ‘giving’ and giving creates happiness!





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