Share & Care!

mental-1389919__340I’ve picked green as a little theme for this post as green represents hope and that is the message that I want to put across here.

For some time now, I have been following the many current issues in the media surrounding Mental Health.  This is of course a very vast area and there are numerous aspects to it, all equally important.u

There is so much heartache, suffering and struggle going on behind closed doors as the world evolves in the way that it is – and the sadder thing is that so much of it is done in silence.  Suffering in silence is infinitely more painful that sharing our concerns and anxieties – yet so many of us seem unable to open up.

This is one of the main reasons that I wrote my book Full Circle .  As a girl who herself suffered growing up and battled various personal issues, either self-imposed or caused by inability to manage certain outside circumstances lightheartedly – or not care about them…. I understand.  I understand very well the feeling of hesitation to share a worry, voice a concern, a feeling, a thought process, for fear of being judged.  For me – my outlet was my diaries.  Not that no one would have listened, but like I say, I was afraid of the outcome of baring my soul..I didn’t know… Would it have made me feel better…? Or worse?  and I generally concluded it wasn’t worth the risk – so I wrote…


Fortunately, I muddled may way though and with support of a wonderful family and friendship network – I got to where I am today – a position to happily share my tumultuous journey in the hope that it may help others or at least show that they are not alone.  All that we girls (and boys) go through growing up; dieting, drinking, drugs, friendship/relationship issues, grief, trauma, depression, whatever…. the list is endless, but whatever it may be – it’s better shared then held in!  I hope sharing my story and my conclusion helps restore peoples faith in their futures and gives them the strength to push on through in the knowledge that they will make it! (as well as providing a fun book of course – that whilst 100% real and very descriptive of my ups and downs, is by no means all doom and gloom!)

I have just watched a discussion on Loose Women covering the exact topic, promoting the hashtag #TimetoTalk together with the wonderful charities Mind and Time To Change who dedicate themselves to exposing the secrecy and finding solutions to these growing problems.  These issues cannot be underestimated, are steadily on the increase – unsurprisingly, given how the world we live in is developing and no-one says its easy!!!  But please don’t be scared off by the term Mental Health – it is not taboo or an incurable illness or anything to be ashamed of relating to –  it is after all, the same term we use for the body (Health) …. just simply refers to that of the Mind.

And again – if you still don’t feel ready to share your concerns openly – do read my book for confirmation that we all go through similar things, it may even give you the courage to share more.  Remember that many of us are on parallel journeys, we just don’t realise it and there is light at the end of the tunnel and there are happy endings!  We are all entitled happiness, just some of us travel a bumpier road than others.


You never know what’s on the other side!

…incase you missed the link earlier and want to read my story, you can purchase it here:

Full Circle


2 thoughts on “Share & Care!

  1. Sophie says:

    I agree with you Nathalie, the more we talk about our issues and worries, the more we realise that no one is ‘normal’. I’m a strong believer of mindfulness, to be aware, but also to not dwell on things. Quick reflection (and by all means share with people you trust or if trust is an issue itself there are places where you can share and be totally anonymous) then move on, move forward!

  2. Natalie says:

    Exactly Sophie! I’m totally with you – which is also why I mentioned that whilst my book and my story does cover many issues that people may suffer with – it tries to make light of them in a sense – outing it so to speak to take the pressure off – then as you say… finding ways to manage (different for each of us) and moving forward… Onwards and Upwards as they say! 🙂

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