happy-1194446__340So …. I have just found out that March 20th 2017 is International Happiness Day!!  And I’m excited!  I’m excited that it exists and I’m excited for such a wonderfully positive day to look forward to and to see how I may be able to contribute to it – apart from being HAPPY of course!  Watch this space!

I mean granted, there appears to be an International day for everything these days, many of which simply go straight over my head – ok I’ll dedicate a two second thought to it – but generally it’s swiftly dismissed.  This one however will not be.  I love it!  I will be thinking hard over the next few weeks of what I might be able to do to encourage and nature more happiness in and around my little world as a starting point and see what happens from there!

I’ve just joined Action for Happiness and am inspired by what they have to offer, their goals and more than anything what they are actively doing to create and spread more happiness in the world!  I’m a firm believer in doing the same and always do what I can to make it happen.  I particularly like their ten keys to happier living – all things that I am very aware and conscious of and consistently try to put into action in my day to day life – but nice to see them so neatly and simply put!


To find out more about this wonderful campaign and to find ways of potentially increasing your own happiness take a look at their website by clicking on the link below:

Action For Happiness

And if you want to see how I’ve pursued my own happiness and kept it as my strongest goal – my gold at the end of the rainbow- throughout my life, take a look at my book  Full Circle.  There I tell my story – my ups and downs from a  young teen to a late thirty something of how I dealt with what life threw at me along my journey to happiness…. Not doom and gloom, though there are some not so happy events but then again it’s all about how you deal with them.  There is a lot of humour in there too and isn’t that just so important in life as a whole!  You have to Laugh… There can be good and bad situations, happy and sad ones and we’re entitled to all the emotions in the world to manage them and it’s crucial to excerize them all but ultimately we need humour.

As a wise man once said!



I’d love to know what makes YOU happy – please share in the comments below, you never know, sharing your ideas might end up making others happier too!

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