He Came Up Trumps!!


So… Before everyone that knows me drops to the floor in total disbelief – no I am not about to write a detailed article on politics. Not now and not likely any time soon (never say never!) It’s not my forte, nor could I even pretend to have nearly enough knowledge to formulate any sort of political review – particularly not in this instance!

What I do want to say though is that I had seen this coming from the very early days of the campaign. Whether liked or not. To me it was almost a given – as it had been for others, whilst many simply couldn’t conceive such an outcome. Donald Trump is a Reality TV star… as well as a successful businessman of course – but he is a Reality TV star. For me, from the start though, he had something that Hilary Clinton did not.

There are obviously many contributing factors to Trumps rise to presidency, to claiming that seat at the White House. But for me there is one fundamental one.

Amongst other things, he kept things simple, he went to the hearts of the nation, a very patriotic nation, and he made himself incredibly relatable, all very appealing to the masses – and when the whole country is voting – it’s the vote of the masses that you want! Not the elite – or whatever you may wish to call the remainder of the population.  A very similar story to Brexit – in fact a very similar strategy, ‘homing in with Homies’ so to speak – and suddenly the people believe their country will be run by a ‘friend’. His downfalls, the gossip, the exposed scandals, all of it almost seemed to work in his favour, he had to be open, making him appear more real, …more human.

But what I deem to be his profoundly winning dynamic – his greatest influence over his opponent and the most conquering aspect of his campaign – is his unquestionably die-hard belief in himself. I don’t believe he doubted for one second that he wouldn’t make it, that he wouldn’t be the President of the USA. I believe he went to bed at night and woke every morning visualising himself sat there in the White House going about his day to day business, a clear vision for as long as it was on the cards. I am convinced that it is his sheer unfailing belief in himself that is key to his victory.

He achieved his goal by never ever losing sight of it. He believed, even ‘knew’ if you like that he could do it and with this underlying confidence he jumped every obstacle seemingly effortlessly. Of course it’s not all black and white, his conviction then had a knock on affect, a chain reaction across the country but essentially it is key. I’m convinced his apparently untouchable self-belief played a major part in winning him the presidency. And my message to you all is that if Trump can rule the USA against all odds, you can fulfil your dreams too! Just as long as you BELIEVE it!


If he can do it….!

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