Back again….

images-5.jpegHow long has it taken me to get back on here and write a few words???  Too long is the answer!  Fact is that I’ve had something on my mind to write for so long – since back in October actually (unbelievably already 6 months ago now)… and as I hadn’t yet done that post – I held off doing any others!  So here we go.. I’ll get it out now so that it’s done and I can get back to rambling on about other topics again 🙂

Now the idea came to me when I was sunning myself on holiday with my family (hubby and two littleuns) with no help – just us! And probably for the first time in quite a few trips away, I felt like we were a ‘total’ team!  Now that might sound bad – like something was wrong before but that wasn’t really the case.  It was just that I hadn’t really known how different things could feel without my husbands iPad around! You see… on this particular trip, he happened to leave it on the plane! So for once, it was not permanently glued to his fingers, nor were his eyes permanently glued to it, nor was it tucked under his arm as a trusted womans’ handbag may be, nor was it strategically placed on the lunch time beside our meal as if it were a third child… It was simply nowhere! Well – it was not anywhere with us! It was with the Spanish officials in some dingy airport storage room.

But what bliss! We were ONE.  And it was a welcome, refreshing, enlightening and huge change from normal, so I sort of wanted to shout about it!  I wanted to say to everyone – that when they can …please do take a moment to absorb more of the real world and less of the virtual one… and absorb more of the people present than those not.  It really really really does make a difference.

And funny enough… not so unrelated – my father in law actually sent us a very amusing and incredibly apt email about all of this whilst we out there which simply could not have come at a more opportune time!

Check it out below: ….So so true!

Death of Conversation…

And how it can take six months to write this – I do not know!? I was probably too glued to my phone….! Or perhaps it has something to do with having been adapting to a new baby in the house – or perhaps having had a book published!? … more about that later! 🙂 x

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