So… It’s been a while since I’ve written on here.. predictably I guess – considering we have a new baby and therefore general chaos in the house, but there’s something I wanted to say.

I was rummaging through my bedside drawer the other day, can’t remember what for – probably earplugs to block out the incessant snoring I have to put up with but that’s another story.  I have a few precious things in my top bedside drawer.. a genie lamp which I rather ridiculously ask for certain wishes to be granted (but I guess if you believe it’s not so ridiculous), a rose quartz – which is supposed to bring love, could be considered equally ridiculous but again.. not if you believe.. and various other similar  things.  A cross. A book of positive quotes.  Good luck charms people have given me. A little bible.. etc. And I came across an artificial pink flower.


Almost two years ago – whilst my husband was on gardening leave we rented a house in Italy for the summer, on lake Garda! It was lovely, we found our little local places pretty quickly (for lunch, coffees, aperitifs etc.) and before we knew it we’d got to know a bunch of people and it was as if we lived there.  (Which to be honest I half wish we did!) There was one particular elderly couple – sweet, so sweet in fact who went out holding hands for their cup of coffee at the place where we were having a ‘spritz aperol’ (or two or three) every afternoon.  They were adorable, ordered their coffees and snuck in their own biscuits in the womans handbag.  I guess they just wanted to do something together somewhere with an atmosphere.  They always spoke to us and befriended our little boy fondly.. We spoke of siblings a couple of times and I explained how we’d like that but hadn’t ‘got lucky’ so to speak as yet.. I said how ideally i’d love a girl.

So – the lovely lady gave me the little pink flower one day, the one  you see above in the picture and told me to keep it for good luck and that the good luck would bring me the little girl that I wished for.

I just found it and smiled.


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