New Arrival

(copied up from iPhone diary in hospital)

So here I am .. sat in the hospital Chelsea and Westminster with my little baby asleep in the cot next to me. She’s finally here! And I can hardly believe it. Even though we’ve had nine months to get our heads around it, somehow until she was in our arms I guess it hadn’t quite sunk in! She’s gorgeous and tiny and every bit the miracle that never ceases to amaze me. It happens all the time, of course it does … babies are being born every second but it never stops it being a miracle to me…

Fortunately we got ‘upgraded’ (by our insurance company 😉 )… we were taking the nhs route this time but someone was obviously watching over us and decided we needed that little bit of added luxury. Which I’m obviously never going to turn down! Don’t get me wrong though, the nhs was great, same hospital etc. and everyone was equally professional and efficient, once the delayed appointments actually came around and they located me from the incorrect waiting room i’d been directed to – but other than that I cant knock the job that was done. It was fine, albeit perhaps a little more tiresome than this option, but definitely fine. Anyway here we are, in the kensington wing incredibly grateful for the comfort and particularly for having been able to use Mr. Raza the wonderful consultant that has helped me get to this point after close to a couple of years of real struggle. Having encountered some difficulties after W, we found ourselves fighting against the wind for a while but Raza has brought us out the other side with his incredible expertise, knowledge and emotional support and here we are. Now a family of 4!

Everyone here has been absolutely amazing! So helpful, encouraging and unconditionally caring.  I honestly don’t think we could have been in better hands… Our little cherub has had to have a few tests done – but she seems to be doing just fine.. We’ll be staying here until both her and I get the all clear – but to be honest I’d be happy to stay longer!

A little peak at our new addition..and a lot of thanks and love to all! xx

photo-2 copy 2

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