Hi… So the day has finally come that I will be going into hospital to welcome our little girl to the world! So all being well by tomorrow night we should be a bigger family.. I’m just warning you as I imagine that I won’t be updating or adding posts for a little while..or maybe I will – who knows? With any luck the little bundle will be a wonderful sleeper from the get go which would be a tremendous blessing – but as this is highly unlikely to say the least, I should imagine that I’ll be trying to catch up on my own sleep at any given moment. I’ll do my best to get a routine going but with all the will in the world we’ll need a few weeks leeway for that too! Yes I’m quite nervous to return to the ‘baby phase’ but excited at the same time.. I’m scared but also looking forward to it. So I’ll skip in tomorrow with my array of mixed feelings and emotions, knowing that at the end of the day all I want is for it to go well and for me and little one to come out safe and sound. Any tips and/or advice are most welcome. Yes I’ve been there before but no, I can’t remember much! So I’m all ears to whoever has anything to offer… Until next time ūüôā

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