There ARE good people around…

What a day so far and it’s only 3pm…

So this morning I go to meet a friend for coffee and am trying to park. Lady comes along and tries to park in front of me but it’s tight, we exchange some kind of non-understandable but understandable hand gestures and I move forward so she can park behind me. As I get out she tells me she works in one of the local beauty salons, gives me her name and number and tells me to come in for a complimentary treatment …

“Why?” I ask

“Because you’ve been so kind” she responds.

Ok – I can deal with that. Thanks!

Message: There ARE good people around.

Leaving Gail’s (coffee shop)  I take phone out of my bag whilst walking back to car and it slips out of my hand, flies onto the floor and lands on the inside of the front tyre of the car parked behind me. I try to get it as it’s in sight but I can’t bend down due to the enormous tummy I have right now! Spanish lady passing offers to help. She struggles, it’s not easy.. She gets down on her hands and knees and dirties all her coat sleeves but finally manages to hook it out for me using her umbrella.

Message: there ARE good people around.

Then I go to drop a bag of stuff off at Fara the children’s charity shop on the high street. There’s nowhere to park so I resort to a double yellow with hazards on. Warden is about but he let’s me off.

Message: There ARE good people about.

Get home and aupair tells me there was a notice at nursery when she dropped W off saying there was a case of chicken poc in his class! Hmmmm – panic! Do not want him to catch that when we have new baby due on Wednesday! Yes,  of course usually I would encourage he got these things to boost the immune system etc. – but – not now – not when we have a new born arriving. What to do? I phone some friends and get some really good advice and details of chicken pox vaccination, which i’d never thought of or heard of. Very helpful indeed. When everyone is so busy with everything taking the time was appreciated.

Message: There ARE good people around.

So I call a Citi Doc clinic in town (wimpole st) to book appointment. Vaccination should be done within 5 days of being in proximity of virus (so basically today). The clinic is busy with appointments but they manage to fit us in last minute at the time that suits me. They make it work.

Message: There ARE good people about.

Jump in taxi – go to clinic – totally unorganized, to the point that I have the wrong door number of clinic in my head. We get there – pay driver and get out only to realise that we are the total wrong end of the street. After googling and tracking down the correct door number, the Taxi driver who had waited, kindly offers to take us back round to the right place.

Message: There ARE good people around.


Long may it continue! X

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