A little introduction to my advice page:

Now its not like i’m claiming to be some amazing advice guru … but I do seem to be continuously asked my opinion! Predominantly it’s relationships.. but often other things too… work.. friendships …whatever.

Having worked closely with my editor (on the book) for some time now we ended up getting very friendly and hence discussing numerous personal matters.  I have to say it was her along with others, but mainly her who spurred me into perhaps making more of my relationship advice than I currently do.

As i’ve said in my short and vague ‘Bio’ I love my friends old and new and cherish them dearly, so I am always eager to listen, help and give whatever advice they may ask for, always trying to help the very best i can –  but perhaps its time to branch out.

It has been joked about many times that I should be an agony aunt, have a ‘column’ Ask Nat.. or something.. to promote my apparently soothing and often it seems helpful advice, so I’ve decided to test the water.

I’ll see if any of you fancy giving it a shot asking me something.. and will take it from there.. Do try if you feel like it, I’ve done a couple already and have had good feedback – just click my advice page and you can either send me a direct message via the comments box, post it via the reply box or email me directly at:

I will always get back to you and hopefully be of some help! xx


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