Life after Uni… ‘Poem’

So…it’s been a few days and i have some things to say … I will do that in another post which will follow shortly.  For now, i wanted to share a poem that I wrote a good few years back, when making the transition from university to life to working life.  Another little gem from the book which we chose to keep out as after all it is not a book of poetry..and there was simply too much material.

I wrote this as I was hit with the difference of life as a student… from school through to University (give or take its ups and downs) to that of ‘working girl about town’.. that oh so big change!  I won’t say too much more as the poem speaks for itself…

September 1997

Life as a child . . . 

Nothing to worry about, nothing to do
Days breeze in, troubles are few 

An upset stomach, a headache at most
A new pair of shoes, or who’s first to the post

 Worries are little, few and far between,
It seems nothing’s important, if you know what I mean 

Then days move on, the years pass by
And trouble increases, who knows why?

From school to people, studies to exams
Time has flown by; we’re now sheep, not lambs

University, college, parties, and fun,
It seems all like heaven, and it’s only just begun 

Where has it gone, the freedom, the light
Those hours of laughter, as joy turns to fright?

Money, work, relationships, and more..
The effort, the strife and what’s it all for?

The search begins, what’s it all about?
As the answers become harder, do we want in or out?

The question’s not ours; we’ve got to stick it though,
Though time after time, we just don’t know what to do

Got to give it our best, try and try again
The rewards must be there, who knows where, who knows when

Competition we’re tangled up in, be it people, status, looks
We try to rise up against, through prayer, films, books . . .


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