Men will be Men!

….even at just two and a half!

“Would you like jam or honey on your toast William?”

“Yes mummy”

“So jam or honey then?”

“I said yes!”

Typical … How often have I heard this sort of thing from the male species…

Reminds me of a time when I was going to a wedding and the in-laws were babysitting. I couldn’t decide on which shoes to wear with my dress, so as usual I had to ‘ask the audience’. With a different shoe on each foot I gathered opinions and then I got to the father-in-law… So what do you think I said? He looked intently, paused, thought, scratched his forehead, then said “and the other pair?”  🙈

3 thoughts on “Men will be Men!

    • Justme says:

      Thank you Surgeonseeker… I’m stuck for things to write at times but when something comes toind I say it how it is 🙂 Glad it’s of interest to you!

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