So here I am on a cold sunday afternoon… sat at my parents (who had been babysitting our little one for the night), waiting for the usual ‘sunday dinner’.

We’ve just come back from a rather special night out in a hotel in town! Which i have to say was amazing… My husband and I were determined to get at least one night away in before the new arrival – set to grace us early march! Just a night, a morning, a sleep in and some time for us … without chaos. It was going to be a country house or town but i chose town – easier and a place that I love. So we went all out – and it was totally worth it. Not least because we got the wonderful surprise of an incredible upgrade…. (and i guess thats one of the perks of having parents in the travel business!) A room that no doubt had been used by celebrities, politicians, incredible business men and whoever else would pay the kind of crazy money the hotel demands to stay in there. Suffice to say it was spectacular!

I was incredibly appreciative of it and savoured every moment the best I could… But considering I still have the remnants of my third chest infection, am on antibiotics, so couldn’t enjoy the champagne we were offered and could barely walk due to a totally debilitating back/nerve issue I seem to have, either due to being 8 months pregnant or some other unfortunate incident that i’m not aware of, it was not easy to say the least!

The coughing meant that conversations were constantly interrupted, as was sleep and as for the back – I was actually offered a wheel chair! Which can only indicate how ridiculous i looked hobbling around at 2 miles per hour to get to the bar/restaurant/room.

My much anticipated massage – which had been booked and looked forward to for some time, was as much of an effort as it was a pleasure as I could barely manoeuvre myself on/off the spa bed or turn whenever I was told to without ending up in excruciating pain.

Well… if one thing has woken me up to how important our health is and how much we just take it for granted, its been this weekend. The realisation of how much every situation changes and is compromised by lack of good health or the presence of any kind of disability was very evident.

I was determined to enjoy the day/night, which i did – i made the most of it, loved the products, ‘Bamford’ (organic with the most sensuous aromas), ate great food, lounged in a great bath and generally enjoyed the luxury of a grand suite in a superbly grand hotel – though i was constantly reminded of how different it would be had i felt well, felt normal.

It made me think of all the people older/younger who are unwell or have issues of a smiler or worse kind and perhaps longer term. Things that I wouldn’t usually have thought of. It made me realise how much i take for granted – and how grateful I should in fact be all the time.

Life and health are so precious and can apparently change at any minute – so it really is important to appreciate what we have, be grateful for our health, to cherish it and nurture it the best that we can. Maybe you do! Which is great… but i certainly didn’t – until now… where i endeavour to pay some serious attention to it. As soon as i recover and find my strength again, I will be wholly grateful and do my best to remember to be grateful always!

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