Ok so I guess post about book wasn’t of much interest – oh well, hopefully it will be when it comes out! But that’s one thing about me …if I say I’m going to do something I will do it. Hence the promised note on the book.

Anyway this is interesting! For all you mums and dads out there with young kids plagued by the horrible coughs that are going around right now. Having tried every possible remedy to settle the poor little poppet at night in order for him to get a good nights sleep (and me of course!) nothing has worked. Until…….

Vicks! Yes – Vicks vapor rub! No – not on the chest … No. But on the soles of the feet! Unbelievable! I had never heard of this theory but have now discovered it absolutely works!!! I’ve covered the bottom of the little mans feet with kids Vicks vapor rub for the past two nights and alas – no coughing!!!! Hoooraaaahhhh

So for those of you that already knew that trick – well I’m obviously behind. And for those of you that didn’t, TRY IT! You’ll be amazed…

Happy sleeping to everyone! X

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