The book!

So as promised, here is my little note about the book that I’m on a mission to publish.. Q: What’s it about? A: Me Q: How’s that interesting? A: Hows anything interesting? In this case – because it’s real and i believe people will be able to relate to it. Q: Why did I write it? A: Because people kept telling me to…and I guess it’s been at the back of my mind for a while. Q: Why didn’t I do it before? A: Because I didn’t  have a conclusion.

So…. In a nutshell (maybe a slightly larger than average one), the story is the story of my life.  The search for inner peace, fulfilment, serenity, success: emotional, physical, mental (hopefully one day financial) and I suppose for my idea of utopia.  Have I achieved that utopia – no, not exactly – but i have grown up, understood and come to realise what it is that makes me happy, that is also within reach and can bring me as close to that as I can.

The story starts very young…when my mind worked differently, predominantly dreaming..(not that it doesn’t still now of course, just perhaps in a mildly more mature way). I used my decades of original diaries where my every thought, fear, hope, dream and tear was documented. I followed my path back from 13 years old to today, covering all the ground of school, university, work, life abroad, endless failed relationships, worry, paranoia, vices, decision/indecision, everything that contributed to the massive mission for happiness that i was on – and which ultimately brought me to where I am today…. the most unexpected of circumstances.

I could say more but probably best not to give too much away or when it comes out ready to rock the nation 😉 none of you will need to read it! It’s real. Happy, sad, inspiring, deflating – nothing but the roller coaster that life is, told as it was there and then with the wisdom of hindsight to read between the lines that couldn’t be read between at the time, creating the understanding that pieces a puzzle together and ultimately I believe explains how life works . . .

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