Interlude… Not about the book

I know I said that my next post would be about my book … And my next ‘proper’ post will be… This is just an interlude that I feel compelled to add.

St. Anthony (the saint of finding things!)

I’m religious but not obsessed…

I practice but don’t preach…

But there is one thing that blows me away …and that’s the wonder of St. Anthony. Being scatty, I’ve been praying to him all my life on the regular occasions that I lose things and I have to say that he usually comes up trumps! Not of course when you’ve had too many vino’s and left your purse on the tube, or when you can’t remember how you got home and find you’re without your phone, or the morning after the night before for that matter, when you frantically check your bag only to find your credit cards not there…. Not in these cases. BUT when  you genuinely lose something/misplace it – or if someone else misplaces it (as is the case I’m referring to), a quick prayer to St. Anthony almost always resolves the issue.

Like this weekend for example.  My favourite bracelet that my husband bought me for my birthday (one that I’d always wanted) got caught on my top whilst dressing, so I took it off and placed it on my bedside table. Later that night when I remembered I hadn’t put it back on, I went to get it – and of course it wasn’t there!!! Major panic and tons of searching all around the area – aware it was all pretty pointless as my husband informed me that our two year old was playing with it earlier that morning after I’d left the room! It could therefore be anywhere – including out the window, in the now emptied bins, down the loo .. or any other unthinkable, irretrievable place. I couldn’t deal with it. So as we return to watch the rest of our paused episode of ‘breaking bad’ prepared for a painful conversation with the little one in the morning, I remember to ask St. Anthony.

A quick prayer and and a short remainder of the episode and I get a strong feeling to check the inside zipped pocket of a handbag that I’m not currently using but happens to be on the floor in the room.  Da daaaa ! And there it is.  True enough after words with the little one the next morning – he’d put it there!

Same happened weeks back when I’d misplaced my kindle – having not used it in months I couldn’t find it anywhere… Quick prayer to St. A and shortly after I have a vivid picture of exactly where it is hidden. And Da daaa…. There it was!

So I just wanted to spread a little hope for those that misplace things as this really is a trusty little way of finding them again 🙂

like I say though unlikely to retrieve loss of belongings resulting from random drunken night out 😉

Love to hear of any similar success stories! X

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