So! almost a year later and here i am …. back!  Still not massively sure what to write but i need to get this up and running – or create another one!  A lot has happened since the last update… we are back from Singapore – no longer relocating, i’m finally expecting baby number two, and i’ve completed the book i was writing! My major mission now of course is to publish the book… I’m trying the conventional route approaching agents/publishers.. but can’t say they’re all begging me for it… at least not yet! fortunately we have the likes of harry potter etc., which was rejected tons of times, to give us hope! I’m still trying…. and if no joy then i’ll self publish!  However, apparently i need an authors platform first… i.e. some followers – a blog an active interest from the public. Tough… I guess i may have to just start a new blog with a new theme.. Any suggestions?

My book is about life – my life – about the years and years of diaries i’ve kept documenting my life and my search for happiness….  People tell me i should be an agony aunt so thought maybe i could blog about that and at least help people as apparently my advice seems to always help.  Is that connected to the book? I guess so… Helping one person find happiness by resolving whatever issues they have – is the same as what I was trying to do for myself all my life.. so Yes!

I’ll have a think about how on earth i could start that – currently don’t have a clue.. again – any suggestions welcome!

For now i’ll sign off and wait and see if anyone has anything to say about this ..ha ha .. can but hope! xx

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