Well, I’m not doing very well with this. Wanted to write about Saturday night but feel like its too exposing. I’ll get the point out without being too revealing. I’m going to have to find a way of doing this if I’m going to carry it on.
Now why do we always get so defensive in arguments. Why do stupid things that become power battles overshadow and take over from what could have been and indeed was a lovely evening!! Crikey! So annoying. Why can’t the mind quickly assess the importance of the stupid discussion and not get involved in the daft power battle of who’s right or whether one is trying to be cockey or whatever and just realise the harmony of the evening is far more important! That one moment can change the whole thing and its so not worth it. Being in the early days (relatively) of marriage I’m always so keen to iron out the creases and get things straight before misunderstandings or wrongly conceived ideas of one another get too ingrained, build up, fester and create resentment – that it often overtakes everything else! Wrong!!! I think one has to step back at times and put ones personal fixations aside to allow for harmony. These things should of course be brought up – but as my father always says – NOT in the heat of the moment. Wait – and bring up in a calmer moment. Sigh. Done it again.

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