First day…

So today was going to be my first day of writing something… but hey – what a surprise… saturday morning and i’m hungover… what a pain! Well worth it – was a fun night in town .. hakkasan.. (one K or two?) anyway usual one too many! Now totally uninspired… got the washing to do and a one year olds birthday party to go to.. Joy! That’ll be just perfect… lots of screaming and general chaos… oh well least there’ll more than likely be a glass of wine to hand!  And if not … we’re off out tonight AGAIN… not the plan but hey… Its supposed to be a surprise,  but clearly is not.

My beloved husband (still feels totally wierd saying that) not even a year married!  Well, yes its meant to be a suprise as i’d mentioned i fancied going out just the two of us without the little one (which is what we’d been doing whilst we were away).  I didnt mean the night after what was clearly going to be a biggie… neither did i mean to his fave restaurant… but there you go.  Its what he wants to do disguised as a surprise for me… whatever… will enjoy….

Gotta take the washing out now… whilst i have a mins silence.  Am not supposed to be writing millions of things here anyway…simply as and when i fancy… Do need to get things out of my head my chest! hopefully this will help as well as writing diaries… Good to get rid of the paper! xx

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